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Our Experience - Your Advantage.

Since 1986, companies have trusted Bayside Networks (from 1986 to 2000 known as Gruenwald Associates) to support and develop their computer systems. With diverse experience, and an organized approach, Bayside can help your company too.

We work with a wide variety of organizations including non-profit, government, manufacturing, investment and service companies such as law firms. Our clients range from small firms with a small single local office, to national firms with offices throughout the US.

Over the years Bayside has expanded solely through word of mouth referrals from our satisfied clients. Many of our clients have been with us for 15 years or longer - before the Internet and local area networks were widely used.

Bayside services:

  • Rapid and cost effective resolution of technical issues
  • Network system support and design
  • Website programming and design
  • Database / SQL support and design
  • Detailed guidance and sourcing assistance on your equipment and software purchases
  • Proactive system development, and risk reduction
  • Smoother, less costly technology migrations and upgrades
  • Enhanced business contingency and continuity plans

There is a good chance that we already work with a local company that you are familiar with. Our client references are a source of pride for us - please contact us for list of our reference accounts.

Free Initial Consultation

We would like to provide your office with a free initial no obligation consultation. The initial consultations are usually performed by Chris Gruenwald, our principal consultant.

For clients with general IT support needs, the initial consultation includes: a brief review and discussion of your data backup system, office data equipment, and other issues that help us understand the health of your systems. The consultation also includes time to answer any questions you might have about your systems or working with Bayside Networks.

Some of our clients initially come to us with very specific IT needs that do not include general IT support.   We are always happy to offer a free initial consultation that will address your specific type of IT need.

Please call our office anytime to request a free initial consultation - (858) 654-4080.