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Find documents and other files on your Intranet and shared servers with Bayside Search, the premier document search engine for your intranet's shared, networked drives. Although similar products are commercially available, Bayside Search is a competitive alternative that will save your company thousands of dollars and increase productivity by giving your employees secure, easy access to all appropriate files in your system.

Intranet vs. Web Search Engines

Just about everyone is used to the convenience and power of Google™ in terms of quickly finding information on the Internet. If only it was as easy to find documents and information on your company’s systems! This is the power that Bayside Search provides you and your firm.

If your company has used a computer network and shared document storage for more than a few years there is a good chance it is often difficult for your staff to find the documents or files they need. Part of the problem is that, over time, users on your shared system will organize their information in different and sometimes inconsistent ways.

Microsoft Search Technology foundation

Built in functionality waiting to be used

Microsoft® has included its Search Technology foundation with every version of Windows® since Windows 2000. This technology is typically installed with every Windows server system unless it is intentionally selected for exclusion during an initial Windows install. With this in place, your intranet already has the components needed to create a very powerful search engine. However, one needs a “user interface” to make Microsoft’s search technology actually usable.

There are indeed a variety of document management and search engine systems available but with some inherent disadvantages:

  • Google™ makes one that is rather expensive.
  • Microsoft’s new Windows Vista has an improved search technology— but it won’t help with information that is stored on older server systems.
As a result, no single internal company wide search engine has gained widespread acceptance. Most companies that use shared storage simply can’t search their documents in a web-search manner and they suffer because of it.

The BaysideSearch Solution

Bayside, seeking to provide its customers with a powerful cost-effective alternative, developed Bayside Search, an intranet search engine with a web-based user interface that can run on any Windows 2000 or later based system.

How does Bayside Search work?

Bayside Search can be used with your favorite internet browser. It’s search pages are easy to use and are tuned to deliver results from your intranet’s data. By entering a few key words, like the name of specific person or customer for example, followed by hitting the "return" key, you instantly are provided with links to all the files where the search terms appeared.

The search system allows users to specify complex and/or “boolean” arguments. You probably won’t use the “Boolean” search functionality, but it is great to have its capability when needed.


Bayside Search Features include:

  • Permission-based search. Users will only receive search results for documents for which they have permission to access. For example, only employees with payroll permissions will see results for the payroll directory. Your private information remains private - the search system doesn’t change that.
  • Index Creation using Microsoft's Search system. All search systems rely on “indexes” to speed up searches for documents. Bayside Search automatically builds them with the Microsoft Search system. Generally indexes occupy about 5% of the space that the actual documents occupy.
  • System Performance is upheld. Documents are automatically indexed when the servers are dormant and not busy with other tasks. Indexing your documents doesn’t place any additional load on your server systems.
  • Easy Web-Interface. The user interface for Bayside Search is your web browser, providing ease of use.
  • Extensible. Virtually all Microsoft based document formats can be indexed and optional (usually free) modules (called ‘iFilters”) are available to enable PDF’s, Word Perfect, and many other files.
  • Distributed. Remote branches can easily have search pages of their own.. When you perform a search, only a very limited amount of information - basically just your search terms and “the results” - transit the link between your workstation and the server.
  • Intranet-Only Scope. No information leaves your system or “goes out on the Internet” in any way - the system works completely through your internal systems


Bayside Search benefits include:

  • Searching capability for documents on your intranet shared drives
  • Standardized approach using inherent Microsoft technology
  • Easy Web-based user interface
  • Cost-savings for a powerful tool that competes against other commercially available offerings


Bayside Search is provided free of charge with a fee to cover installation and training.

To get Bayside Search up and running you simply require:

  • A Windows server operating system such as Windows 2000 or later.
  • A copy of our free program, Bayside Search. We are pleased to provide you with a non expiring license for your company’s exclusive use.
  • Setup, configuration and brief training for your users. This is a service that Bayside provides for your office. Setup takes approximately 5 hours to setup the search system for a single shared drive letter on your network. About 1 additional hour is needed for each additional drive letter. Some clients with complex search needs require additional setup time. Over 80% of our search engine setups cost less than $1,000 to fully implement.