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It’s easy to share files with employees within your company. What if you could safely share files just as easily with your outside business partners or clients?

Simple to use and light weight, Interlace is a program that runs on your existing internal network server. Interlace provides your company with a web based shared drive that allows files to be securely exchanged with your business partners and clients.

  • Self-Contained and free unlimited usage:  Interlace runs completely on your existing internal file server. It does not use any entangling outside service or outside server system to make it work.   There are no monthly fees and the program never expires.
  • Simple to use:  If you can browse the Internet, you can use Interlace to safely share files
  • Encrypted File Transfer:  Files are secured with the same encryption technology used by most financial institutions, 128 bit SSL encryption.
  • Ready to use now:  If you own a Microsoft or Linux based server, and your office has an Internet connection, you meet the requirements to run Interlace.
  • Immediate delivery receipts via email:  When a file is picked up, the person that shared the file in the first place is notified via email. No more “wondering if it got through” when you share a file.
  • Secure File Transfer: Your files are protected behind a secured server.  Specific users can access only those files that they are authorized to access.
  • Secure file exchange:  File transfers are 128 bit SSL encrypted.    Trying to comply with medical privacy requirements?   Don't email that patient data - use Interlace instead!
  • Reliable transfer: Tired of reliability problems when you try to send large files via email? Interlace transfers files reliably, using technology that is built into any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc).
  • Ease of use:  Interlace provides easy and quick staging of files for public or private access.
  • Browser based:   Users do not need to install any software - they just use the web browser they have already.
  • Simple to manage:   You don't need to be an expert to manage your Interlace installation.   You can setup accounts and permissions on your own, without being an IT expert.
  • On-Demand file delivery: Files are not “force fed” to recipients. You send a link to the file, allowing the recipient to download the file when and if they desire.

Interlace is provided free of charge with an inexpensive flat fee to cover installation and training.