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CSA Travel Protection CSA Travel Protection

At CSA Travel Protection we had a need to enable our business partners to be able to send and receive documents and files in a secure manner using a common interface. When Chris Gruenwald from Bayside Networks suggested “Interlace” and gave us a demonstration, that was all we needed.

Interlace is a secure and fun way to transfer files of any type big or small in a user friendly way. It uses your regular browser interface that everyone is familiar with, so there is no learning curve.

At CSA we use it for everything from transferring large .zip files to spread sheets and even image files, all done with automatic encryption provided by SSL which is the same connection security you probably use for your online banking. Safe, Secure, and User friendly, what more could you want?

The features we liked most were:

  • No more email size limitations
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security
  • Encryption done automatically
  • Notification to receiving party when complete
  • Full control for each user of a secure file space
  • Common, easy to use interface

I would recommend Interlace to any one looking for a safe secure way to transfer information.

Nexa Orthopedics

Nexa Orthopedics Inc.As a medical device manufacturer and distributor, we deal with CAD files that are HUGE and the need for a simple FTP solution has been plaguing me since I was hired here. We also have accounting details files that are well over 30MB in size. Sending these files through e-mail is extremely difficult and can slow a network down to a crawl.

Ever since Bayside Networks implemented Interlace on our system, it has been a “breath of fresh air.” I can easily set up temporary and/or permanent users and grant then access to which folders I want them to see. The ability to send a link instead of instructions on where to find the file was proof that this software package was planned very well. It has so many “bells and whistles” and they are extremely user-friendly.

I would recommend this program to anyone that is in need of a simple and robust FTP solution. You can bet this program will be loaded on any Network that I am responsible for in the future.

Josh Kitzerow
IT Supervisor/Data Analyst
Nexa Orthopedics Inc.

The Midtown Niki Group

The Midtown Niki Group As a growing company, we were faced with the issue of getting copious amounts of information to various clients and service providers. The e-mails with sizeable attachments were clogging our system and slowing us down. We had to find a solution to this information transfer crisis. In came Bayside Networks to the rescue! Chris and his company set us up with a demonstration of Interlace, a very simple system for the transfer of information that takes up none of our server space.

Interlace is web-based and quick and easy to use. We simply upload the files that we want to share from our server to Interlace. We then assign a password to the recipient along with a link to the site and the information is in the hands of the intended recipient. We can also allow a client to upload documents to our Interlace site giving us access to their information. Now we do not have to get large emails from our clients.

If you have significant amounts of data to share, I would highly recommend this program to you.

The Midtown Niki Group

The Midtown Niki Group, founded in 1979, is a real estate investment group with three divisions focusing on (1) build-to-suit and sale-leaseback transactions with regional and national retail, single-tenant users; (2) providing capital in joint venture with experienced real estate developers in various types of projects (these projects include commercial shopping centers, multi-residential, mixed-use, and hospitality developments); and (3) being a preferred developer for regional and national single-tenant users. Please visit us at our website: and feel free to contact us for more information

Lankford & Associates

Lankford & Associates, Inc. As Real Estate Developers, are files sizes are often quite large and not transmittable through email. Prior to implementing the interlace system, we found ourselves having to transmit files through slow, web based FTP sites, via CD or hard copy. Since using the interlace system, we along with our business constituents, are able to exchange files in at least half the time it used to take us. Interlace has increased our communication capabilities while decreasing our printing and administrative costs. Interlace allows us to utilize password based controls, know when someone has uploaded or downloaded files and transmit emails with embedded links to the target file.

Benefits of Interlace:

  • File Upload & Download is faster with Interlace than when using FTP sites
  • Now we are notifiedwhen files are uploaded or downloaded
  • Allows for easy organization and file access
  • Lack of accessibility to files and high speed transfers

Lankford & Associates

Founded in 1982, Lankford & Associates prides itself in its specific, creative, fully focused attention to projects it undertakes. We have been successful in bringing innovative architecture, creative financing, and substantial long-term value to its projects for itself, its partners, tenants, and public agencies. With over 4 million square feet of development and a total value of $1 billion, Lankford & Associates continues to be a West Coast leader in the development process, focusing on diversification. Its projects include all levels of complexity and use ranging from Class A office buildings, biotechnological and medical uses, as well as government and mixed-use residential projects.

Primary Care Associates Medical Group, Inc.

Simple and Easy! That’s what I like about the Interlace product user’s interface. The easy to use product interface is the easiest program for me and my staff. With this program, my staff and I are better able to send/receive files in an effortless and unproblematic method. Allowing us to share information through one simple program, it also makes our jobs much easier and ultimately more productive and cost effective. The straightforward organization of information and files also helps to make this product an easy-to-use program that comes along with accountability that even the most technologically challenged employee can very well understand.

Before Interlace

  • Fax referrals to offsite nurses, case managers and doctors.
  • Send files to Healthplans via email or FTP, very slow detailed process involved.
  • If files are too big for email or FTP, we have to burn it to a CD/dvd then mail it overnight.

After Interlace

  • Scan referrals and send it thru Interlace, able to cut two phone lines dedicated for faxing.
  • Communication of data to Healthplans are more productive, we know exactly when, who received and downloaded the file. That’s Accountability.
  • No more burning files to CD/dvd, Interlace can be configured to accommodate large file transfer.
Emile Romero
Primary Care Associates Medical Group, Inc.