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Key Benefits to using Cacti for your Monitoring Solution
  • Useful Trending Data
  • Device Support
  • Easy to Maintain (add/update/delete graphs)
  • Customization Friendly

Useful Trending Data
The data that is gathered by Cacti is useful for many situations.

  • Trouble-Shooting Server/Network Issues: You can review graphs and tranding data from the last year for a single host/router with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Server Sizing: You can quickly see the CPU, Disk IO, Network Utilization (and more) to gauge if your current server is causing any bottle-necks in your environment.
  • Network Bandwidth Sizing: You can review the graphs for your Network interfaces (Ethernet, ATM, T1, etc..) to gauge if they are being maxed out.

Device Support

  • Default device types provided by the stock Cacti software
    • Windows Hosts
    • Unix/Linux Hosts
    • Cisco firewalls
    • Most network routers/switches (with snmp support)
    • Any SNMP v1/v2 device
  • The online Cacti user community has hundreds of ready-to-go host/graph templates that can be used.
  • You also have the ability to create your own host/graph templates so you can graph just about any data you can get into the Cacti Server.
    • Temperature Sensors connected to a serial port
    • Advanced Windows Statistics gathered via WMI (Disk IO, Exchange Queues, etc..)
    • Netflow Graphs (Protocol and Port usage)

Easy to Maintain
Cacti has a very user friendly web interface. It makes Maintaining Hosts/Devices easy. It only takes minutes to add a new Windows host complete with several key graphs (CPU, Disk, Network, etc..).

Customization Friendly
One of the best features of Cacti is that it is easily customized to graph any device that you may have. You can also add several plug-ins that are available on the internet that add useful features (Reporting, Up/Down Notification, etc..). You can also write your own plug-ins to solve any specific needs you may have. Here are a few of the plug-ins/scripts that we have written for our customers.

  • Asset Managment Information: Adds the ability to add asset specific information to each configured host (serial number, vendor contract/contact, etc..).
    • Also sends the Devices Asset information in the Up/Down Notifications
    • Sort/Search for Contracts that have or are about to expire.
    • Ability to Export Asset information.
  • Netflow Graphing Scripts: Adds the ability to take netflows (from your routers or other probe) and display the following graph types.
    • Protocols: Displays the Protocols that are in use on your network
    • Ports: Breaks down and graphs what TCP/UDP ports are in use on your network.
  • Advanced Windows Statistics: Adds the ability to graph some more advanced metrics on your Windows hosts.
    • Windows Disk IO
    • Windows Memory Utilization
    • Exchange Database IO, Latency, Messages and Queues
    • Citrix ICA Sessions and Connection Latency