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Microsoft Exchange: Is it more of a Problem or Solution for your office?

Microsoft Exchange can be an important tool that helps support the operation and growth of your firm. Alternatively, without a good initial implementation, Exchange can become a huge source of frustration and expense.

The good news is that Exchange isn't "rocket science" and with a decent initial setup it pretty much "just works."

How much IT service and support does Exchange require?

The answer can depend heavily on a few factors, including how your office uses Exchange and the size of your organization. Generally though, with a proper initial setup, Exchange requires little more than a periodic health check and occasional attention toward archiving older email off the server to "keep it on track".

We can readily put you in touch with numerous Bayside clients here in San Diego that will report "Our email just works.  We have no significant email related problems for years at a time. We almost never need any sort of email support."  

Even better, many of our small business clients don't even know they run Exchange. Why would they know or care about their mail system unless it was a source of undue expense or difficulty for their business? Do they know the brand of heating or cooling system that maintains the temperature in their office? Of course not. With a proper setup, Exchange can mostly receed into the background as a part of your company's infrastructure, just like your office A/C or heating system.

Whether your Exchange system has 5 or 1,000+ users, Bayside service is cost effective and we are ready to help.

Chances are very good that you already work with one of our valued clients here in San Diego.   We have provided Exchange support for the: US Navy, numerous law firms, prominent non-profit organizations and many other types of businesses. Many of our clients also have numerous branch offices scattered across the US, sometimes configured with centralized servers and sometimes with servers for different regions of the country - either approach can work well with a proper design.

We also pride ourselves on providing excellent cost effective service to smaller offices. Be sure to ask any Exchange IT support provider for a list of references that closely matches your business type, in terms of its size and type of use.

I would like to find out more - but I'm still skeptical!

Chances are good that you have already worked with a few "Exchange experts" in the past. What makes Bayside Networks different?

* We never ask clients to sign any sort of long term service contract. To us, the best "contract" is a satisfied client. Simply put, we know you will keep coming back to us for great service - so why bother with entangling contracts?

* We can work "by the hour" or "flat fee per task". We are always happy to discuss costs up front and in detail.

* Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you are ever unsatisfied with our service, please don't pay the related charges. We are serious about satisfying our clients - every time we provide service.

Lastly, we always insist on providing prospective clients with a meaningful amount of free service "up front". The free service can be used to address actual problems within their systems and also allows us to learn the particulars of the client system at a lesser (often zero) cost relative to the "learning on the job" that most service providers may engage in when they start with a new account.

What's the next step?

Give us a call or send us an email. The owner of our company, Chris Gruenwald, will be pleased to meet with you (or speak via telephone) at no cost. We can offer a meaningful amount of initial IT support at no cost and we can usually respond and resolve any immediate issues that you might need help with.

Chris will also insist on providing you a list of satisfied Bayside clients that are similar to your type of business. We would be thrilled if you take the time to call our reference accounts before you consider doing business with us.