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There are plenty of good reasons to look at open-source solutions for network infrastructure needs, but surprisingly to some, one of the best reasons is quality and availability of support. While it may seem counter-intuitive that an open-source product could be better supported than a closed-source one, it's actually often the case.

Ultimately, what makes open-source products better supported is the fact that there are no secrets and no gatekeeper. Because the source code is openly available, there is a level playing field for alternative support providers, which introduces healthy competition. End users, third-party consultants, and community organizations can all step up and provide in-depth support when they have full access to the product's code.

While a support contract from a product manufacturer can be comforting, it's not without it's limitations. If you need a feature enhancement, think something is mis-documented, or encounter a bug that the manufacturer is not forthcoming on, there is ultimately no where else to turn to for help but the manufacturer themselves. If you are not a big-enough or important-enough customer, you might just be out of luck, and of course, you can forget about getting objective information about a product's defects.

With commercially-supported, but open-source, product like the Vyatta router, you can truly get the best of both worlds: a company behind the product with traditional support contracts available, but also a vibrant open-source community providing an alternate support channel. When you deal with an open-source product, any place you get support from knows they are not the only player you can turn to and that they have to compete for your business every single time you contact them. That's a powerful advantage for the end-user in a world where equipment is often nearly given away just to get buyers "on the hook" for a support contract.

Besides the support advantage, Vyatta also offers very compelling cost advantages, since it is based on the economics of commodity server hardware and open-source software development. For further information on the cost/performance benefits and features of Vyatta, please see these articles and application briefs:

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Considering its advantages in quality and availability of support, acquisition and maintenance costs, high performance and full feature set, Vyatta is a solution that should be considered in most any network environment.

How Bayside Networks Can Help

Bayside Networks can assist with all phases of deployment of Vyatta products, from initial concept definition and design, through hardware selection and procurement, installation and configuration, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring. We are happy to take the lead with your project and deliver a completed solution, or to simply supplement and work with your existing staff as they become familiar with the product.

Besides expertise in the Vyatta product, our consultants bring a broad base of experience in network and systems design and support, allowing us to help with integration and cross-platform compatibility issues that inevitably arise in a multi-vendor environment. Because we don’t sell any products or participate in entangling vendor alliances, you can be assured that we will always make the best recommendations based on your needs, rather than simply what we are aligned or most familiar with.

The following are some recent engagements that Bayside Networks consultants have led that highlight the breadth of capabilities that we can offer in conjunction with Vyatta products:

  • Implementation of a multi-homed, fully redundant, BGP-based Internet backbone routing infrastructure for an Internet service and application hosting provider.
  • Configuration of Internet routing and firewall services for a voice-over-IP hosted PBX service provider, including implementation of PCI compliance features.
  • Deployment of a VPN-based wide-area network implementing Vyatta in a WMware virtual environment and interoperating with existing Cisco ASA products.

All of these projects were completed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional vendor solution, yet offer advanced functionality and superior flexibility. If you would like more details on these engagements, or to discuss your own project, please give our office a call.

About Vyatta Open Networking

Vyatta is a relatively new player in the enterprise networking field who provides a network services platform based on Linux and other open-source components. Their software platform, when combined with off-the-shelf computer hardware, forms a formidable solution for many routing, security, and access scenarios, comparing favorably with products from industry stalwarts such as Cisco and Juniper.

Because the Vyatta solution leverages the cost benefits of both the open-source software development model and the x86 (Intel/AMD-based) commodity hardware market, the savings versus traditional network services hardware can be quite dramatic. Add to this cost advantage the support and flexibility benefits of full open-source development, and Vyatta becomes a clear winner for many applications.

The range of solutions applicable to what is essentially a single Vyatta product is extremely broad, ranging from tiny home/small-office access routers to multi-gigabit backbone routers, firewalls, and remote access servers. The consistency of platform and administration across the scale and different types of applications can provide a real support advantage, reducing training requirements.

Besides deployment on stand-alone hardware, Vyatta can also be implemented in a virtual environment, allowing, in many cases, integration of application servers and their associated network and security services in the same piece of hardware. Depending on application, the resulting savings in space and hardware and power costs can be significant.

Further increasing the flexibility and choice in Vyatta deployments are the two different usage models available. Vyatta offers both a freely-available, community-supported edition, and a commercially-supported, subscription-based edition. Both products include the same set of features, differing only on the source of support and updates, and of course, cost.

Free Initial Consultation

If you need support for an existing Vyatta-based environment, or are deploying new services and would like to investigate the benefits Vyatta products may offer, we are happy to offer an initial consultation with no cost or further obligation.

This offer is not for a sales call; you will be teamed up with a qualified Vyatta technician who can offer design and product assistance or provide hands-on support and problem solving. Use this appointment to judge for yourself the quality and extent of services that we can provide.

To get started, give us a call at 1-866-875-8688 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it