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Whether your business needs help with a small project or long term network support needs, Bayside Networks is ready to help you.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Professional and responsive technical support
  • Full range help desk services, from basic help to advanced services
  • Proactive system maintenance
  • Programming and database design
  • Website design and development
  • System and IT staffing audits
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act Compliance Support
  • IT staffing audits and hiring assistance

Maximize the value of your technology budget!

Is your company missing out on important benefits that the technology you already own could offer?

For example, many firms own systems that have extensive remote access features that are not fully implemented. We work with our clients to unlock benefits like great remote access that are already in the system but are often under-utilized or poorly implemented.

Bayside can help your company better utilize the technology it owns already.

Vendor Independent, Choosing the best tool for the job…

We don't sell hardware or software - just technical services. We don't push any specific technology or product, rather we focus on choosing the best tool for any specific job. Often the best tools are actually free.

For example, our programmers work in a variety of languages and databases. Given a choice, especially for new projects they usually choose to develop solutions in PHP using MySQL based databases - both excellent and free technologies.

Helping our clients learn to help themselves...

We work with our clients to provide solutions, not permanent static jobs for ourselves at client expense.

For example, we document all of the client service we provide. Clients automatically receive emailed copies of the detailed notes from any service that is provided. When desired, clients are often able to use the notes we provide to solve a similar issue that might come up again in the future.

Working pro-actively to reduce risk and keep your systems on track.

We work with our regular clients to audit their systems throughout each service year. We follow a detailed checklist for audits that we have worked to fine-tune over many years.

Chances are good that any costly data loss or downtime you might have experienced in the past could have been prevented by our proactive system auditing process.

As an example, one of our audit items seeks to evaluate a client’s ability to self-assure the quality of their daily data backups. This is a simple audit item but it is amazing how many offices run backups with no established process to actually check that they are working!

Our mission:

Earn client trust with quality services and technology that bring clients toward their goals.

Bayside consultants are easily accessible, practical, and they are qualified experts in their field. Our consultants all have at least 10 years of technology industry experience.

Bayside Networks is ready to help move your company ahead as your technology partner. Give us a call today to discuss your firm’s technology support needs.