Custom Programming
When is it needed?
  • Your business strategy creates a demand for a new automated solution
  • Existing off-the-shelf software is not available or is not suitable.
Your business is unique and there may be times that you need an individualized, custom designed solution to address your technology needs.

There’s an old saying: “If you can imagine it, it can be built.”      At Bayside, we take this concept a step further: “If we can imagine it together, it can be built.”    Whether your needs are simple or complex, we can design and implement a custom solution to meet your needs.

Visit our “Solutions Showcase” for examples of custom programmed solutions that we have recently implemented:
  • Investment Securities Portfolio Tracking System:
  • Law Firm Case Marketing Website:
  • Telephone Call Tracking and Recording System:
  • Automated Mass Mailing System:
  • Real Estate Investment Portfolio Tracking System:
  • Private Investigation Case Tracking System:
  • News Feed Website Interface:
  • Interlace:  Secure file trading system that you can use with your business partners.
  • Bayside Search:  Google like search engine for files on your internal network.
  • FlashLIT: Convert PDF's into Flash flip books for the web.
  • PathMonkey: Creating MediaWiki file links the easy way.
These are just a few of our recent projects.  All of these projects were created as web based applications using free programming tools such as: php, MySQL and Apache. 

Our custom programmed solutions are web based, and run on most any platform, including Windows and all popular versions of Unix or Linux.